This is the first specialised directory for the City Of London brokerage industry and does not list firms offering ‘general financial services’. Forex, Futures & Options, Commodity, Metals and Stockbrokers are all listed here also related fund managers and firms offering Online Dealing. LCB is entirely ‘broker neutral’ and is not affiliated with any single particular brokerage firm, so you are welcome to contact us about any aspect of the business.

We have not separated firms by category because a large number of them have separate specialist trading desks covering different markets in house, e.g. a major brokerage will have a separate desk for, Futures & Options, Stocks, Foreign Exchange, Commodities, Metals etc. There are also a number of Investment/Fund Managers throughout the listings. Fund managers should contact us to be listed and firms should check to see if their details are up to date as this is a free for all site.